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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Published March 15, 2012 by themiracle247

Should we have to wait an extended amount of time for political candidates to arrive? Well, in Lafayette, Louisiana audience members had no choice. Over a hundred people gathered for presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, for a rally and fundraiser. Spectators attended the event for a variety of reasons, the most noteworthy reason, was the chance to see the possible future President of the United States of America in person. All of these types of events are moments in history and personally I would love the opportunity to be a part of this.

On the other hand spectators waited more than two hours for president hopeful, Santorum to give his speech. Being a part of history comes at timely price. In the begin the crowd chanted “We Want Rick,” and at times breaking into symbolic songs such as “America the Beautiful.” The crowd wanted to showcase its enthusiasm for Santorum’s victory. However as time lagged on so did the audience. It was reported the crowd was more perturbed and lost its kind demeanor. This was heightened as members of Santorum’s staff assured audience members, Santorum would be out shortly. Members became restless and some left.

One member of the audience Erin Romero of New Iberia, stayed only because her husband wanted to stay. Romero felt it was rude not to send a staff member out to tell the audience why Santorum was late. Although she will not let her annoyance cloud her judgment of the president hopeful, it has left a sour spot with her.

Santorum has already won Alabama and Mississippi at Tuesday’s primaries. He stopped by Louisiana on a nation tour. The Louisiana voters hit the polls March 24th for the primaries.

I believe a good antidote would have been of course to have somebody go out and talk to the audience. However, I think an even better decision would be to make a game or something out of Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. Social media has become an even bigger outlet than news. I think it would have been a great distraction to make a game out of Santorum being late. It could have been as simple as giveaways. For example, the first person to name Santorum’s political views on certain situations the better; taxes and budget deficits, jobs and economic growth, health care, global warming, foreign policy, social issues and immigration policy. The topic could have been mentioned on Twitter and the first person to retweet with a comment, would win a Santorum signed banner or pen. I feel like the smallest thing would have been better than nothing at all. Especially during the 2008 election when Obama used social media to his absolute advantage. I feel like president hopefuls should take a look at all the resources they have available and find a way to make it relevant to the platform at hand.