An Apple by any other name

Published March 1, 2012 by themiracle247

I spy with my little eye an apple. However, this is not just an ordinary apple, it is a special technological advanced apple, an iPad. The newest iPad is the third in the iPad family. There have been leaks of iPad 3 photos on the Internet as well as social media. I personally found out on via Disney’s Twitter. The only question now is what date will the new iPad be released. There was a great deal of speculation surrounding the iPhone 4S release in October of last year. Many commentators guessed the release would be a month earlier than what it actually was. However, with March 7th being the date for a special Apple event, it should be safe to say, apple will officially announce the iPad 3 then.

Apple does not do anything by the conventional book. The March 2nd announcement of the iPad 2, released nine days after, with an international release coming 23 days after that, according to the Financial Post. Spectators guess if Apple follows this timeline, a late March (around the 31st) release of the iPad 3 will happen. With the announcement and release so close, it is also likely Apple will lower the price of the iPad 2. A recent survey by a department of the Financial Post came up with 20% of non-iPad buyers would be more inclined to purchase the newly cheap iPad 2.

The iPad 3 is not the only Apple product to look out for. Surely, the newest iPad will bring about what to expect from the iPhone 5. Features being showcased on the iPad 3 will definitely leave room to expect great things for the iPhone 5. For example, if the iPad 3 has a bigger screen and faster processor, it is likely to assume so will the iPhone 5. This is the Apple product; I am personally looking out for. I would like to complete my Apple family. Apple has a gorgeous way of syncing all of there inventions to allow for seamless retrieval between products. Being able to type on my iPad 2 then without attaching cords, or wires those notes automatically pop up on my MacBook Pro, for easy editing and emailing.

On the other hand, if Apple surprises users with little changes to the iPhone, they will definitely disappoint. There are companies, which have taken advantage of Apple’s iPhone per year reputation, but launching smart phones with faster processors, big screens and allowing the same games as Apple. An example of major competition is the Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note, three weeks ago. A commercial during the Super Bowl, made the reference of people waiting in line for the iPhone 5, during a sign saying “It’s Coming,” to people leaving the line to get the new Samsung Galaxy Note, which is a tablet and phone in one.

The bottom line…Apple is going to have to bring it with the iPhone 5. For myself I think Apple is more than able to compete against these smart phones. Although, I am not one of those people whom want my tablet and phone connected for those people whom do the phone is out there. At the end of the day, I believe it comes down to are you an Android or an Apple or Autonomous.


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